Welcome to my personal research website. I am a PhD Candidate and  Associate Instructor in the Department of Political Science at Indiana University, Bloomington. Previously, I have received a BA in Philosophy at Tsinghua University, Beijing, and an MA in Politics at NYU. My major field of study is political theory, with emphases on theories of emotion, theories of memory, democratic theory, critical theory, Marxism, and contemporary China. My dissertation investigates the contestation, negotiation, and compromise between different interpretations of the Cultural Revolution in post-1976 China, and their implications for political mobilization and opposition. My peer-reviewed articles have been published by European Journal of Political Theory and Global Intellectual History. I am currently a Graduate Associate at the Association for Global Political Thought at Harvard University.

I have been a frequent contributor to public political discussions in China. My Chinese op-ed articles have appeared on thePaper.cn, Initium, CNPoliticsiAmElectionPolisJiemian.com, and other sources. In English, my public writing has been published by Palladium Magazine.