In English

“Thinking with Hannah Arendt in Contemporary China Today,” February 9, 2022, Democracy Seminar.

“The Western Intellectual Behind China’s Distrust of the Crowd,” February 19, 2020, Palladium Magazine.

In Chinese

“Protecting Our Lives with Ideas: Judith Shklar and the Long Twentieth Century” [《用观念保卫我们的生活:朱迪斯·施克莱与漫长的二十世纪》], January 3, 2023, Beijing News Book Review Journal.

“Merely A Show? Labor Politics behind the NBA’s Three-Day Strike” [《一场作秀?NBA三日罢赛背后的劳工政治》], August 29, 2020, The Paper.

The Crowd and Elitist Mass Psychology in China” [《〈乌合之众〉与中国的精英主义群体心理学》], February 14, 2020, Oriental History Review.

“Why Francis Fukuyama Is Not the Antidote to the Crisis of Cold-War Liberalism” [《冷战自由主义危机,为何福山不是解方?》], September 11, 2019, Initium Media.

“On the Uses and Disadvantages of Hypocrisy for Politics” [《虚伪在政治中的用途与危害》], February 1, 2019, Polis.

“Between History and Philosophy: Judith Shklar’s Historical Method” [《在历史与哲学之间:朱迪丝・施克莱的历史方法论》], August 19, 2018, The Paper.

“Pearl Diving: Hannah Arendt’s Historical Method” [《“采集历史的珍珠”:汉娜·阿伦特的历史方法论》], June 10, 2018, The Paper.

“Putting Oneself in Others’ Shoes: The Impacts and Limits of Empathy in Political Mobilization” [《“设身处地”:同理心在政治中的作用和局限》], August 31, 2017, Polis.

“A Theory of Nation Close to ‘National Nihilism'” [《近似民族虚无主义的民族理论》], August 3, 2017, Polis.

“Civil Disobedience: John Rawls and His Discontents” [《公民抗命:罗尔斯和他的反对者》], May 20, 2017, Polis.

“The Air in Kunming: Truth, Commonsense, and Public Political Discussion” [《昆明的空气:真相、常识和公共政治讨论》], May 25, 2017, CNPolitics.

“Why Should Liberals Re-read Antonio Gramsci Who Passed Away Eighty Years Ago” [《逝世八十年的葛兰西,为何值得自由主义者重读》], April 27, 2017, Initium Media, co-authored with Yueran Zhang.

“The Afterlife of The Communist Manifesto [《〈共产党宣言〉的来生》], February 16, 2017, Polis.

“The Educational System as the Battleground of Ideologies” [《教育系统:意识形态的战场》], December 4, 2016, CNPolitics.

“Political Science in America: War, Ideology, Funding, and Disciplinary History” [《政治学在美国:战争、意识形态、资金与学科发展史》], November 25, 2016, Polis.

“Are Liberalism and Patriotism Really Compatible?” [《自由主义和爱国主义真的相容吗?》], September 25, 2016, CNPolitics.

“Bernard Yack in the Spectrum of Nationality” [《伯纳德·雅克:在国族主义光谱之中》], August 9, 2016, Polis.

“Allen Wood on Whether Capitalism Is Just” [《艾伦·伍德:资本主义是正义的吗?》], July 2016, Polis.

“‘True Democracy:’ The Political Theory of ‘Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right” [《“真正的民主”:《黑格尔法哲学批判》的政治理论], May 31, 2016, Polis.

“Nationality: The Battery of Political Power” [《国族性:政治权力的电池》], March 29, 2016, Polis.

“The Division of Labor in Political Philosophy” [《政治哲学的学科分工》], March 3, 2016, Polis.

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