In English

“The Western Intellectual Behind China’s Distrust of the Crowd,” February 19, 2020, Palladium Magazine.


In Chinese

“Merely A Show? Labor Politics behind the NBA’s Three-Day Strike” [《一场作秀?NBA三日罢赛背后的劳工政治》], August 29, 2020,

The Crowd and Elitist Mass Psychology in China” [《〈乌合之众〉与中国的精英主义群体心理学》], February 14, 2020, Oriental History Review.

“Why Francis Fukuyama Is Not the Antidote to the Crisis of Cold-War Liberalism” [《冷战自由主义危机,为何福山不是解方?》], September 11, 2019, Initium Media.

“On the Uses and Disadvantages of Hypocrisy for Politics” [《虚伪在政治中的用途与危害》], February 1, 2019, Polis.

“Between History and Philosophy: Judith Shklar’s Historical Method” [《在历史与哲学之间:朱迪丝・施克莱的历史方法论》], August 19, 2018,

“Pearl Diving: Hannah Arendt’s Historical Method” [《“采集历史的珍珠”:汉娜·阿伦特的历史方法论》], June 10, 2018,

“Putting Oneself in Others’ Shoes: The Impacts and Limits of Empathy in Political Mobilization” [《“设身处地”:同理心在政治中的作用和局限》], August 31, 2017, Polis.

“A Theory of Nation Close to ‘National Nihilism'” [《近似民族虚无主义的民族理论》], August 3, 2017, Polis.

“Civil Disobedience: John Rawls and His Discontents” [《公民抗命:罗尔斯和他的反对者》], May 20, 2017, Polis.

“The Air in Kunming: Truth, Commonsense, and Public Political Discussion” [《昆明的空气:真相、常识和公共政治讨论》], May 25, 2017, CNPolitics.

“Why Should Liberals Re-read Antonio Gramsci Who Passed Away Eighty Years Ago” [《逝世八十年的葛兰西,为何值得自由主义者重读》], April 27, 2017, Initium Media, co-authored with Yueran Zhang.

“The Afterlife of The Communist Manifesto [《〈共产党宣言〉的来生》], February 16, 2017, Polis.

“The Educational System as the Battleground of Ideologies” [《教育系统:意识形态的战场》], December 4, 2016, CNPolitics.

“Political Science in America: War, Ideology, Funding, and Disciplinary History” [《政治学在美国:战争、意识形态、资金与学科发展史》], November 25, 2016, Polis.

“Are Liberalism and Patriotism Really Compatible?” [《自由主义和爱国主义真的相容吗?》], September 25, 2016, CNPolitics.

“Bernard Yack in the Spectrum of Nationality” [《伯纳德·雅克:在国族主义光谱之中》], August 9, 2016, Polis.

“Allen Wood on Whether Capitalism Is Just” [《艾伦·伍德:资本主义是正义的吗?》], July 2016, Polis.

“‘True Democracy:’ The Political Theory of ‘Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right” [《“真正的民主”:《黑格尔法哲学批判》的政治理论], May 31, 2016, Polis.

“Nationality: The Battery of Political Power” [《国族性:政治权力的电池》], March 29, 2016, Polis.

“The Division of Labor in Political Philosophy” [《政治哲学的学科分工》], March 3, 2016, Polis.

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